For me, lectures and publications are a great way to share my expertise. I regularly give talks on legibility, readability, reading processes, type design, typography and legibility research.


September 2022:
I contributed the article “How Design Can Influence Reading Experiences” (written in German: “Wie Gestaltung das Lesen beeinflussen kann.”) to Rüdiger Quass von Deyen and Patrick Marc Sommer’s FURE Magazine Issue 1, an anthology of the FURE conferences 2017–19.

February 2022:
I had a great time with the design students of International University sharing my knowledge about the interaction of our perception and design.

April 2021:
The University of Europe invited me to their lecture series “Zeichen Buch Konzept Verlag”.


October 2019:
As part of the international working group “Typography in knowledge transfer” I wrote an article about the difficulties of previous legibility research and how designers could participate for appropriate research approaches, and hence valuable results.
“Design of Legible Typefaces — How To Utilize Research?” (written in German: “Gestaltung von leserlichen Schriften – Was nutzt uns die Forschung?”) In: Lesbar. Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung, Ulrike Borinski, Rudolf Paulus Gorbach (ed.) 233 – 237. Zürich: Triest, 2019.

July 2019:
I had the pleasure to talk about the design process of my emerging Legilux typeface superfamily at Typografische Gesellschaft München.

January 2019:
I had a nice evening at Peter Behrens School of Design (University of Applied Science Düsseldorf), talking about how designers can benefit from scientific research.


November 2018:
What a nice audience at FURE — The Future of Reading Conference in Münster! Once again I had the great opportunity to share my knowledge about the interaction of perception and design.
The German professional association of communication designers BDG wrote a detailed review of both conference days (GER).

September 2018:
I had a great time at ATypI Antwerp, presenting my approach on legibility research to the design community. Watch the recording here (EN)!

September 2018:
The University of Applied Science Hamburg wrote an article about my honored master’s thesis: “Prämierte Masterarbeit erforscht Einflussfaktoren auf die Leserlichkeit von Textschriften.

June 2018:
I was warmly welcomed at “Tag der Typografie” by HSRM Wiesbaden and talked about my way into the field of type design.

May 2018:
Talk at Verlagshersteller Berlin about how to design pleasing reading experiences.

May 2018:
What an exciting experience! TYPO Berlin called, I followed. Going on stage at Europe’s biggest design conference was a challenge but in the end so much fun. I talked about how our perception and reading processes interact with the design of typefaces and typography. Watch the recording here (GER)!

April 2018:
I enjoyed a nice evening showing the designers of Peter Schmidt Group how they create legible and readable designs.


November 2017:
The blog Design made in Germany interviewed me and other designers about reading habits today and in the future.

November 2017:
I was interviewed by Patrick Marc Sommer from the blog Design made in Germany about my book “Letters in my Head”.

November 2017:
I was invited by radio host Kathrin Weller to her show “Kultur am Mittag”, broadcasted by WDR 3. We had a nice chat about the limits and processes of our perception and how they are affected by the design of typefaces and typography.

October 2017:
Together with german publisher Hermann Schmidt my book “The Letters in my Head” (written in German: “Buchstaben im Kopf. Was Kreative über das Lesen wissen sollten, um Leselust zu gestalten.”) was released at Frankfurter Buchmesse.

June 2017:
I enjoyed sharing the design process of my emerging typeface Legilux at Schriftenfest Dresden.


November 2016:
In the course of joining the international working group “Typography in knowledge transfer” I gave a talk about the design process of my typeface Legilux as well as several aspects regarding the legibility of typefaces I came across.